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Welcome to Seductive Sugar.

Seductive Sugar is a website dedicated to spreading the joy of Japanese goods, especially doujinshi, to a foreign audience. We believe that there are a lot of wonderful materials that many artists have poured their souls into ..yet sadly, so many of it goes under the radar and never gets translated. There's always a feeling of disappointment when you find a gorgeously drawn doujinshi for your favorite series but there's no English translation to be found.

Well, that's where we step in! For a reasonable fee, we'll translate just about anything that you'd like to read! So, are you interested? We've already served a lot of happy customers and we'd love to add you to the list! Since we are an American/Japanese couple, we can translate even the most difficult of projects and we aren't limited to doujinshi, either. Novels, scripts, pixiv art, etc... anything is ok! We can work out a price. Just check out our policy and pricing information in the navigation to get started! Also make sure to check our availability under the "order now" page. We do have a limited number of slots so reserve quickly if you're interested!

Feel free to share our banner to support us. ♥

using our service

  1. Check our pricing/policies so you know what you're getting and the order now page to see our availability and reserve a slot.
  2. Send us an email (SeductiveSugarShop(at) and let us know what you'd like to have translated. We'll give you a quote asap!
  3. Confirm if you'd like to continue. At this point we will give you our paypal information.
  4. We require that you pay half or full before we begin working. We do not give refunds.
  5. If you have paid half, we will inform you once we've completed translation. We can give you a page or two as a sample and then we require the remaining funds to be sent.
  6. Once we are completed and all funds are received, we will email you the completed translation. Enjoy!
  • We archive all commissions on the "past orders" page. Other people can purchase translations we have done in the past, as well. Be sure to check that page to see if there's anything of interest to you and drop us an email if you'd like to buy something! The price is much cheaper than the original commissioned price and acts as a way to support us. Thanks for your support!

& proxy service

We also provide a proxy service; this means we can purchase things from Japan and send them to you directly. However at the current moment, this service is limited. If you're heavily interested in this, feel free to contact us about it. However, if we accept your order or not is another matter. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This service is pretty timely and costly to provide and we're debating on if it's worth continuing to offer this service. But if you really have your eye on something and have no other means of acquiring it, speak to us and we'll see what we can do for you.

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