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Prices & Policy.

What will it cost me for a doujinshi or novel translation?
Our prices may vary depending on the amount of text present; these are only here as a guideline so you know what to expect. We will give you a quote when you contact us, though.

    •Doujinshi: $1 - $2/page
    •Novels: 0.75¢ per character
    + paypal fees (roughly 4%, usually about $2 on most doujinshi orders)

IMPORTANT: We archive all commissions on the "past orders" page. We may list past translations for sale there. By commissioning from us, you acknowledge and accept this. If this is severely problematic to you, let us know.

Do you provide editing?
We typically provide our translations as a script. However, we can include editing for an additional $1/page (low quality scans/images cost $2/page). Please note that I will not redraw portions and sound effects are left as is, although I can provide a small note on its meaning at your request.

How about payment?
We require half or full payment before we begin work on your commission. We prefer full as it makes it a lot easier but if you're hesitant then we can accept half (however, we require full payment before we send you the final project completely translated - though we can show you a sample page or two). We use paypal only and accept USD and JPY.

Do you only translate doujinshi/novels?
We can translate virtually anything. We've translated pixiv art, visual novel scripts and even birthday cards.

Can you provide raws/scans?
Currently we do not own a scanner, so we cannot. You need to provide us with the material that you would like to have translated or order a physical doujinshi to be sent to you through our proxy service. We can provide a script translation alongside it. In the future if this proves popular enough, we would like to get a scanner and begin providing this service. Time will tell...

May I see samples of your work?
Certainly! You may see samples of both scripted and edited translations below.

Warning: contains yaoi, R18 content
Scripted Translation Example: Sample
Edited Translation Example: Sample

May I post the translations online or share with friends?
That's entirely your choice. We do like to sell previous translations at a lower cost as a way for people to support us and enjoy our content. However, we understand that you may want to do this. If you choose to post the translations somewhere, we just ask that we receive credit for the translation (and editing if we have done it) and please link back to our site.

May I resell the translation?
No. We don't mind you posting the work for free or sharing it but we don't want you to resell our translations. Thank you for your understanding! If you would like to use our translation for commercial purposes, then please discuss this with us.

How long will it take for you to translate my order?
It is impossible for us to give an exact answer and it will depend on several factors: How long is the work you've asked us to translate? How many orders are we currently working on? How busy are we at the moment? All of these will effect the answer. However, in general, we strive to complete all orders within one week of receiving payment. That said, some orders have been completed within a day. We will try to get it done as quickly as possible, so don't worry too much!

Is there any content you won't translate?
For the most part, we will translate any content. Some common content we are asked about that we are perfectly ok working with are: R18 content, rape, futa, yaoi, yuri, shota, loli, gore, etc. For the most part, we don't really care what it is. Even if we don't particularly like it ourselves, we understand that people have different preferences and it's not hurting anyone so who cares? The only thing we won't work with is content containing scat. That's a request from Yoshiki... for some reason it really makes him squeamish (I know, of everything, right!? haha). Anyway, I hope you can understand!

Any other questions?
Feel free to contact us at SeductiveSugarShop(at) if you have any further questions or if you would like to place an order!

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