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About us.

Seductive Sugar is a website dedicated to spreading the joy of Japanese goods, especially doujinshi, to a foreign audience. For that purpose, we offer mainly translation services but also proxy services as well to a lesser extent.

Our goal is to provide quality translations quickly at a reasonable price for dedicated fans. We strive to complete all translation orders within a week at the latest but many orders are completed within a day or two! Some have even been completed within a few hours. We try to keep nuances and cultural jokes intact while making it easy and natural to read in English.

We are comprised of two people, a husband and wife, and we've been translating together for 3 years. Read below to learn more about each of us!

The dynamic duo


    Hello, I'm Fenix! I was born and raised in America. When I graduated from high school, I found an opportunity to study abroad in Japan and jumped at the chance. Although my main motivation was cost (surprisingly, it was incredibly cheap compared to education in the US), I was thankful for the chance to study abroad. I majored in Bioresource Science and graduated with a bachelor's degree in August 2018.

    I first began working with Japanese to English translation by translating Vocaloid and Utaite videos. From there, I also began doing a few doujinshi translations here and there and posted them to tumblr. I really enjoyed doing this and sharing with the community but as the requests grew and my time shrunk I figured out that it wasn't sustainable and stopped doing it.

    However, as a poor university student, I looked into ways to make some cash while studying. I decided then that translating might be a good option! It was something I enjoyed doing and I could help other people out at the same time. Thus Seductive Sugar was born. I am the person who deals with the website and customers, so I'm the person that you find yourself talking to if you contact us! I'm very friendly and always willing to explain things if you have questions so don't hesitate to ask!

    As far as my hobbies go... I love video games (catch me on FFXIV or LoL!), reading, writing and traveling.


    Yoshiki was born and raised in Japan. He's what I'd call an intellectual; ask any question about history and he can probably answer it for you. He is the mature and responsible one in the relationship and often keeps me in check. He really enjoys board games and runs a club for it at his university. He studied War Politics and Strategy and will graduate March 2019.

    Yoshiki excels at planning and strategy. He's always the guy in charge of planning parties, trips and other affairs. But in his recreational time, he can usually be found in front of the computer playing video games with his friends. He tends to be a bit on the quiet side but he's a great guy!

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