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If you'd like to commission a translation from us, you've come to the right page! However, in order to ensure speed, we do have a slot system in place so please always check to see if we have any available slots here before trying to commission us. Currently, we will take 3 orders at a time. If our slots are full, you may make a reservation but we won't accept your money until we've finished the orders we currently have. You can expect your order to get done within 1 week of getting on the active list.

If you'd like to claim a slot or make a reservation, email us at:

For more information on commission pricing, click here.
To order something we've already translated, browse our past orders.
Be aware, we do not give refunds.

Commission Status: CLOSED.


We only take 3 orders at a time. If our slots are full, please make a reservation instead.
  • Spice Second: Complete (100%) - Payment Received; File sent. Physical doujinshi sent. Awaiting arrival.


    We will not take your money until you are moved to the active list.

  • The future is not given to you It is something you must take for yourself.