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Our ProxyService.

What is a proxy service?
In laymen's terms, a proxy service basically means that someone (us) acts as a middle man between someone else (you) and another entity (ie; a Japanese store). Essentially what it boils down to is the fact that it is difficult for people outside of Japan to get their hands on certain products. Since the Seductive Sugar Team lives in Japan, we can more easily order products from Japanese retailers and then forward that item on to you.

Of course, we do this for a commission fee. However, recently we have been debating if we want to continue offering this service. It takes a lot of time and we don't feel right charging so much for such a seemingly simple service. It requires that we use our own credit cards to place orders, wait them out - or go pick them up manually, inspect the item for quality, confirm with the customer, package it up for proper international shipping and take a trip to the post office. It can be a lot of work when we're busy doing other things and a lot to keep track of.

For the time being, we will accept orders on a case by case basis. For the most part, orders for doujinshi will be accepted. Other items may be rejected but feel free to ask anyway. We do reserve the right to reject any request, though. Please don't take it personally!

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